How to dress when you are tall

Anyone over 5ft 10 or 1.78 meters is considered tall and dressing when you are tall comes with its own set of challnges, even though you have fewer limitations as petites. Please note though that these are only lose guidelines. Every body is different, so trust your own instinct and see what works for you.

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Pink and Red together in an outfit

Somewhere along the way, red and pink got a reputation for clashing terribly, which resulted in women avoiding the color combo like the plague (true story: “Do red and pink clash?” yields over 4 million results in Google.)

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How to match clothes and makeup

Matching your makeup to your wardrobe can be a very flattering when done correctly and atrocious when done wrong. So to help guide you on matching your cosmetics and clothing, we've put together some simple tips for pulling off a regal look, royal or not.

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Fashion for tall women, wear leggins

Tall women don't need to fear leggings and skinny jeans. These styles can actually add visual length to your legs and hug your curves in a flattering way. Like any other pair of pants, it can be difficult for tall women to find leggings and skinny jeans that are long enough. Shop at stores that cater to tall women and choose conservative colors and styles that you can wear with a variety of tops.

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